Own Your Voice

Walk your path!


Own Your Voice is about authentically connecting through story with the purpose of getting the message out that you can truly live your life for you, unapologetically and authentically by following what I call your inner voice. Some call it their gut feeling. Some call it their religious/cultural figure speaking to them. Some call it intuition. It’s that little guidance system that leads oneself through life. It tells us what is right for us and what does not fit. Own Your Voice also focuses on using our outer voice to move through life so that we follow our inner voice’s guidance.


Own Your Voice uses stories to authentically connect with you on social media platforms, blogs and interviews where stories are shared (both mine and others) about living in alignment with your inner voice. Our inner voice guides us throughout our entire life therefore you will find that we talk about all aspects of life. It will feel like self-care, health/nutrition, and personal development all wrapped into one. It’s all going to fall under the umbrella of owning exactly who you are, where you are, and finding what works for you to ultimately guide you on your path of authentic living.

What People Say

"Teresa’s guidance got me to the job I never thought I could get. She was there for me every step of the way. Three years later, Teresa is still my biggest cheer leader. Pushing me to reach my goals, while maintaining her perfect balance of being gentle, yet fierce all at the same time."

- Brittney


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