About Teresa Amelia

When I was asked to write a blurb about me for this website I thought “How do I sum myself up in a few words?! I am so much more than just a couple of titles I wear in my life” but let’s give this a try….


I’m a devoted wife and dog mom, lover of reality TV (don’t judge! LOL), friend, co-worker, swimmer, movie lover, and so much more!


The first part of my career focused on the social, emotional, and mental health of children and youth. I completed my Bachelor of Child & Youth Counselling and have spent close to twenty years in this field supporting children. Within the last five years I have become passionate about adult education. I have taken courses and teach part time in Child & Youth studies.

I am also a trauma survivor.

I’ve had two loved ones die by suicide and endured a difficult journey with infertility. My world has fallen down around me and I have had to be resilient and put myself back together.


My journey of self care started two years ago when I suffered an unexpected back injury. My body gave out on me because the rest of my being was not in tune.


While the injury was bad and it took a long time to heal and recover it was the best thing that happened to me. I hit rock bottom and knew something had to change. It forced me to stop, evaluate, and move forward. Along the way I read a lot, went to therapy, and developed tools/strategies that are now the foundation of my self care. Slowly, I went from surviving to thriving.

Thank-you for joining me in putting self care as a priority and I hope you find this inspirational and empowering.


Living your best life is the greatest gift you can give yourself and the world!


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